5 signs your parking garage needs concrete repairs

Parking garages undergo a lot of wear and tear. From heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic to extreme weather changes, parking structures are prone to damage that can be very dangerous when not recognized or addressed. As trusted parking garage restoration contractors in Indianapolis, we know a thing or two about unsafe structures. By knowing the signs of damage and scheduling regular parking structure maintenance, you can avoid serious safety concerns and complete necessary parking garage concrete repairs that will protect your building from long-term shutdowns.

  1. Delaminated or Spalled Concrete

Concrete is prone to cracking at some locations, which is why a small parking garage crack is nothing to really worry about. However, cracks become a serious concern when a piece of concrete detaches itself from your garage and becomes delaminated or spalled. If you notice large horizonal or vertical cracks in your concrete parking garage, it is a sign of structural weakness that needs immediate maintenance and repair.

  1. Leaking Water

If cracks in your parking area are large enough for water to leak through, they need to be repaired. Three common culprits of water leakage are exposed metals that are rusting, white mineral efflorescence and rust stains on walls. The longer these signs are ignored and leaks are left unattended, the more serious the consequences can become.

  1. Ponding Water

Water should never pond up in your parking garage. If you notice ponding water, we highly recommend calling parking garage repair contractors who can install drains or protective waterproof membranes right away. Parking lot concrete repair becomes very expensive and inconvenient for pedestrians who rely on your building when standing water is left unattended. By being proactive, you can prevent more complicated issues in the future.

  1. Failing Expansion Joints

Failed expansion joints create another opportunity for water to reach the reinforcing steel holding your parking structure together. Repairing concrete parking structures with compromised expansion joints is much easier than fixing future problems caused by the corroded reinforcing steel. It can be difficult to detect if there is a problem with your expansion joints, which is why you should schedule yearly maintenance for your parking garage with professionals who can identify the warning signs.

  1. Exposed Steel

If you can see steel in the top surface of a concrete slab, it is a sign of reduced concrete cover. When your protective concrete cover loses its thickness and starts showing steel, it becomes less durable and reliable. When steel and exposed rebar come in contact with water, they corrode and compromise the structural integrity of your garage. To prevent this serious problem from occurring, you need concrete repair services as soon as you notice exposed steel.

Trusted repair and maintenance solutions for parking garages in Indianapolis

When your parking garage becomes damaged, it’s important to call on concrete repair professionals right away. Since 1937, Robert Haines Co. has provided concrete coatings, repair and restoration services to parking structures in Indianapolis with unmatched quality, excellent workmanship and exceptional customer service.

When we handle concrete restoration and repair projects, we evaluate every factor contributing to the damage of your concrete garage to come up with the best solution for the problem. With 85 years of expertise in concrete restoration services, no project is too big or too small for our experienced team.Contact Robert Haines Co. today to bring your parking garage back to life.