5 tips for choosing the best masonry cleaning company

First impressions are everything. The exterior of your commercial building says more about you than you might think, which is why it’s incredibly important to keep your space clean. Buildings made of different types of brick and stone are prone to deterioration over time, which not only hurts the look of your commercial space, but also compromises its structural soundness and safety.

If your commercial business is looking worn or dirty, you might be overdue for cleaning services. With 85 years of commercial masonry cleaning experience behind us, we understand how overwhelming it can be to leave your building in the hands of a concrete and masonry cleaner — especially if it’s your first time working with them. However, with the right research and conversations, you can find the perfect masonry cleaning company for your structure. Here are six things to keep in mind when researching potential masonry cleaning companies:

  1. Establish your budget

The timeless beauty of brick and stone comes at a price. How much money do you have to work with? Before you begin contacting masonry cleaning companies, conduct your own research and see how much the average masonry cleaning service costs. Not all companies price their pressure washing and cleaning services at the same price, so it’s important to look around and ask for quotes from multiple businesses after establishing an initial budget. Remember: the cheapest option may not provide the best results and the most expensive option may not do enough.

  1. List your priorities

Every successful masonry cleaning project starts with a clear plan and list of goals. Not all exterior walls of a building experience the same levels of wear and tear, so you need to consider which areas of your exterior need the most attention. We recommend checking on the chimneys, fireplaces and paver stones first and then making note of any other areas with significant dirt, discoloration or stains. Having a list ready for your masonry cleaning company will ensure an efficient cleaning process.

  1. Ask for recommendations

Odds are, someone else in your area has relied on help from a masonry cleaning company in the past. Reaching out to other businesses in Indianapolis and beyond is a great way to gather information on different masonry companies in the area that have an established rapport with various industries. Your colleagues, and even your friends, can help steer you in the right direction so you can narrow down your choices.

  1. Look at past work

Odds are, your commercial building is one of the biggest investments you’ve made in your lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to leave it in the hands of a company that has experience cleaning buildings like yours. Be sure to ask companies for samples of previous work on comparable commercial spaces or look through their online portfolios.

  1. Ask about insurance

Any type of work with commercial buildings can be dangerous. It is important to ensure you select a masonry cleaning company with all required licensing and a solid safety record. On-site injuries or licensing problems will bring cleaning to a halt, and sometimes stall it indefinitely. The last thing you want is a half-cleaned building.

Are you ready to clean your commercial building?

As a leader in commercial cleaning projects and an expert in masonry repair and restoration, Robert Haines Co. has proudly served businesses in Indianapolis and beyond since 1937. Our experienced team can take care of your masonry cleaning needs and will do whatever it takes to support your objectives without compromising quality and integrity. We are always eager to hear about your commercial space, so let us know how we can help bring your brick or stone building back to life!