things you should know about parking deck coatings

Things You Should Know About Parking Deck Coatings

Parking is an essential part of everyday life, especially for those living in metropolitan areas who rely heavily on parking structures for their daily routine. It’s almost impossible to find a surface that endures the same beating as a parking garage from vehicles, pedestrians and direct exposure to the elements 24 hours a day, 7 […]

5 signs your parking garage needs concrete repairs

5 Signs Your Parking Garage Needs Concrete Repairs

Parking garages undergo a lot of wear and tear. From heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic to extreme weather changes, parking structures are prone to damage that can be very dangerous when not recognized or addressed. As trusted parking garage restoration contractors in Indianapolis, we know a thing or two about unsafe structures. By knowing the […]

5 tips for choosing the best masonry cleaning company

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Masonry Cleaning Company

First impressions are everything. The exterior of your commercial building says more about you than you might think, which is why it’s incredibly important to keep your space clean. Buildings made of different types of brick and stone are prone to deterioration over time, which not only hurts the look of your commercial space, but […]

Then vs. Now: The Hammond Building

Then vs. Now: The Hammond Building

For the past 85 years, Robert Haines Co. has worked hard to build and maintain a strong foundation for Indianapolis’ proudest and most-famed architecture. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a building in the Circle City that we haven’t touched. Located at the corner of Mass Ave and New York, and just one block […]

reasons why concrete repair & restoration becomes an important concern

Reasons Why Concrete Repair & Restoration Becomes an Important Concern

As one of the most common and reliable building materials in the world, concrete is used in commercial and residential structures everywhere. If you walk through Indianapolis, Indiana, it is almost impossible to find a road, building, sidewalk or signage that does not contain concrete. Even though concrete is extremely strong, it is still susceptible […]

Chemical Grouting: An Effective Alternative to Complete Foundation System Reconstruction

Chemical Grouting: An Effective Alternative to Complete Foundation System Reconstruction

With an 85-year history of providing the best renovation and restoration services to commercial buildings in the Indianapolis area, we’ve witnessed many new industry techniques arise and become standard. At Robert Haines Co., we’re continuing to add innovative technology and equipment to our growing repertoire so we can provide unmatched service and expertise to clients […]

5 benefits of carbon fiber solutions for structural repair and reinforcement

5 Benefits of Carbon Fiber Solutions for Structural Repair and Reinforcement

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer has been around for years and has been used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, athletics and medical. Carbon fiber is versatile, durable and strong, making it a popular tool for a wide range of industrial applications. Using carbon fiber for structural reinforcement is a newly developed construction practice […]

monument circle then vs. now

Monument Circle: Then vs. Now

Since 1937, Robert Haines Co. has been renovating and restoring some of the most prominent and well-known buildings in Indianapolis. We’ve left our high-quality, expert touch all over the city and beyond. To any Circle City resident, Monument Circle is a well-known location. As the true heart of Indianapolis, Monument Circle is filled with life […]

our headquarters then vs

Our Headquarters: Then vs. Now

85 years ago, Robert Haines Co. was founded by an innovator who was passionate and motivated to restore and renovate commercial businesses in Indianapolis for the betterment of the city. Since then, we moved from our first building on 3040 N Sherman Dr to a larger, more adequate warehouse on 2747 N Emerson Ave that […]

3 ways to prepare your building for spring storms

3 Ways to Prepare Your Building for Spring Storms

April showers bring more than just May flowers. While rain and blooming flowers can be a welcoming sign of spring, strong storms are a looming inevitability that can cause serious damage to your building if you aren’t prepared. After a mild winter, it can be easy to forget how harsh spring storms can be. However, […]

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