an effective alternative to complete foundation system reconstruction

With an 85-year history of providing the best renovation and restoration services to commercial buildings in the Indianapolis area, we’ve witnessed many new industry techniques arise and become standard. At Robert Haines Co., we’re continuing to add innovative technology and equipment to our growing repertoire so we can provide unmatched service and expertise to clients in Circle City and beyond. 

It’s no secret that all structures need a firm foundation to build upon. As soon as your foundation is compromised, your building becomes unstable and unsafe. Sometimes structural repairs can be incredibly daunting and time extensive tasks, but techniques like chemical grouting work to mitigate common problems and serve as a better solution to structural problems. 

Chemical grouting is a soil stabilization technique that relies on chemical grout injection to turn low granular soils into bigger, sandstone masses. Low viscosity, non-particulate solution grout works to increase the strength and stiffness of soil by filling the voids and preventing the water infiltration that causes damage. Chemical grouting is an effective, cost saving alternative to complete foundation system reconstruction and is becoming a popular service choice within the industry. Let’s dive a little deeper into what it is: 


What types of repairs benefit from grout injection? 

Most grout injections are used for non-structural repairs in below-grade concrete structures like elevator pits, manholes, water and sewer pipes, walls, basements, containment vessels and underground pipes to stop water from infiltrating the structures and seal leaks. If you have a commercial structure that fits within the above criteria, chemical grout injection might be the perfect solution for any structural damage you’ve noticed. 

What are the advantages of injection grouting chemicals? 

Chemical grout injection is a cost-effective, efficient way to control water and moisture. The lightweight makeup of chemical grout also prevents an overload of stress on existing soil, unlike other types of permeation and cementitious grout do. 

Chemical grout injection services are extremely beneficial in areas where space is limited. Chemical grout can be pressure-injected from both inside and outside of structures through a pipe into soil, making it a flexible process that does not require large amounts of space. 

Compared to other underpinning repairs and deep grout injection processes meant to stop leaking cracks and joins, chemical grouting is also a faster, cleaner process. Chemical grouting creates minimal surface disruption due to the compact equipment that’s used during injection, so it is easy to schedule a chemical grouting service at any time without taking away from the use of your structure. 


Who can effectively complete chemical grouting? 

If you think you may need to utilize chemical grout injection services, it is important to hire a qualified contractor who has the appropriate experience and equipment necessary to get the job done. There are multiple factors that go into successfully completing a crack injection, including component mix ratio, drilling technique, flushing, sealing, temperature control, water pressure reduction, resin viscosity and proper alignment.  

Make sure you conduct research on the contractors in your area and see which ones have samples of work that include chemical grout injection. Our Robert Haines Co. team has over eight decades of experience working with alternative concrete repair techniques and focus on providing state-of-the-art options like chemical grouting to our clients so we can continue to maintain our high satisfaction rating. 

As a leader in commercial projects and an expert in concrete repair and restoration, Robert Haines Co. has proudly served businesses in Indianapolis and beyond since 1937. Our experienced team can take care of your chemical grouting needs and will do whatever it takes to support your objectives without compromising quality and integrity. We are always eager to discuss your project needs, so let us know how we can help you keep your building standing strong for years to come!