1Have you noticed cracks in your sidewalk? Is your parking lot becoming unlevel and sinking into the ground? Ideally, your commercial building’s concrete foundation should sit level forever to prevent tripping hazards and other dangers. However, if soil erosion or incorrect installation have caused unlevel seating, our Robert Haines Co. team can fix the problem with concrete leveling.

What is concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling is an effective, more affordable alternative to full concrete replacement. With concrete leveling, we can lift concrete slabs back to their level state without breaking up the concrete or creating debris. The process of concrete leveling involves altering the foundation concrete sits on to correct the uneven surface.

2 What benefits can concrete leveling bring to your building?

  • Affordability. Concrete leveling costs around one third of the price of a full concrete replacement, making it an affordable option for buildings of any size.
  • Strength. A concrete leveling service can be completed in any type of weather, is strong enough to maintain its level over time and is also resistant to erosion.
  • Cleanliness. Concrete leveling is a minimally invasive service that does not disrupt surrounding landscaping. It is less destructive than pouring new concrete and is a quieter process since it does not require jackhammers or other demolition equipment.
  • Efficiency. Not only is the process quicker, but it is also less physically demanding on both workers and the land around and underneath the slab. Additionally, there is no curing time associated with concrete leveling; you can go back to using the surface right away.

Across existing structures or remodeling and renovation projects, concrete leveling from Robert Haines Co. will add long-term performance and clean, safe and effective results to your commercial building.


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