For nearly 85 years, we’ve built up an array of services and capabilities that we’ve proudly used on some of Indianapolis’ amazing architecture. Led by the same passion for quality workmanship that started Robert Haines Co. in 1937, we’re now able to provide anything from waterproofing and air barriers to spray foam insulation and everything in between to keep Hoosier businesses dry and safe.


Buildings that are not treated to resist the elements can suffer severe structural damage or flooding. Our waterproofing, joint sealants and air barrier technology can protect spaces from water damage and hazardous mold build-ups, keeping them operating at peak efficiency with no threat of downtime. We use chemical grout injection, thermoplastics, polyurea joint fillers, structural sealants and more for above and below-grade waterproofing.

We provided fluid air barriers to the Rose Hulman Institute this year, using Carlisle waterproofing systems to prevent the transfer of air, moisture and pressure changes within the building’s walls.

Coating and Resinous Flooring

Over time, the flooring of commercial and industrial spaces can show some serious wear and tear. With our coating and resinous flooring systems, we get spaces looking fresh and leave them more protected and resistant to damage than they were before. Epoxy and quartz floor coatings provide a smooth, highly durable and easy to clean surface, while our urethane concrete technology protects floors from high impacts, chemical exposure and more.

Structural Concrete Repair

Whether a business has a few cracks in their sidewalk or needs an entire renovation, our concrete repair services will get the space looking and operating like new with patching and grouting, surface coatings and sealers, epoxy injection and even carbon fiber reinforcement. If you’ve ever been to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you may have walked right under our work. We provided a complete concrete renovation of the stands around Turn 3!

Building Restoration

Stone and brick replacement, masonry cleaning and caulking, along with all other services we’ve listed, are just a few of the jobs we provide buildings throughout Indianapolis to get them looking and running how they should. Our building restoration skills are at the core of what we do, and our team has the experience to get it done quickly and effectively.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation, our newest addition to our catalog, fills in cracks and eliminates leaks, improving air quality and lowering air conditioning costs. It also improves the overall comfort by sealing out allergens, gas pollutants and mold-causing moisture!

If your building or structure isn’t looking or operating how it used to, contact our team to learn more about the solutions we can provide for you!