our headquarters then vs

85 years ago, Robert Haines Co. was founded by an innovator who was passionate and motivated to restore and renovate commercial businesses in Indianapolis for the betterment of the city. Since then, we moved from our first building on 3040 N Sherman Dr to a larger, more adequate warehouse on 2747 N Emerson Ave that allowed us to provide better services to our customers.

We’ve been there ever since.

Throughout all our years in business, we’ve seen so much change right outside the windows of our current headquarters. Back in 1960, when we relocated to 2747 N Emerson Ave, there were about 643,000 people living in Indianapolis. Gas was only $0.31, minimum wage was $1, the most popular children’s toy was the Etch A Sketch and there were only 2,000 computers in use in the United States.

In 1960, we considered Robert Haines Co. to be a complete building service specializing in concrete restoration, water proofing, masonry repairs and caulking. Our team was hard at work completing projects for a number of small and large commercial businesses, some of which are still around today, like Eli Lilly & Co, Butler University and Kroger.

population of indianapolis

Fast forward to 2022, and the population of Indianapolis has grown to 1,858,000 and counting. You might see a rare Etch A Sketch in a thrift store, gas is hovering at $4 a gallon, and most of the country is consuming information from computers and handheld electronic devices. Our marketing strategies that were centered around print ads and word-of-mouth recommendations pivoted to keep up with the times, and now we have an impressive website that does a lot of the work for us.

We added more services to our arsenal so we could keep providing city businesses with the best care possible, including spray foam insulation, coating and resinous flooring, and air barriers. We’ve been led by a few different leaders since 1960, but all of them have continued to put emphasis on the quality and excellence Robert Haines originally envisioned.

Even though we’ve added services and updated our technology, our dedication to providing professional care, dependable services and excellent results has never changed. As a family-owned business, we’ll do whatever it takes to support our customers’ objectives and never compromise quality and integrity in the process, just like we’ve been known for since 1937.