Butler University Science Building: Water Proofing

Pepper Construction
Work Performed:
Joint Sealants, Sheet Waterproofing
Products Used:
Dow Corning Silicone Sealants, WR Meadows Waterproofing System, Volcay Waterproofing Accessories, Dow Corning Sealant, Pecora Sealant, Sika Sealant, Cetco Waterproofing System

Minton Capehart Building

Watch the video to see the Minton Capehart building where we matched 78 different colors on Milton Glaser’s Color Fuses Mural. After it was painted, we cut out all the caulking in the mural and recaulked all 4,874 linear feet with the 78 custom colors, with the help of Sika Corp.

art in architecture
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