Concrete Repair: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Work Performed:
Concrete Repair
For this project, we removed about 2 inches of bad and loose concrete. We then sand blasted the concrete and rebar to provide a good surface for the new polymer concrete to adhere to. After that, we cleaned the rebar and applied corrosion resistant materials, then formed and poured with BASF 1061 and BASF 425 for overhead patching. Once the concrete was cured, we applied 905 Ferro-Guard for extra corrosion resistance on the rebar. All patches are now flush with the already existing concrete!

Minton Capehart Building

Watch the video to see the Minton Capehart building where we matched 78 different colors on Milton Glaser’s Color Fuses Mural. After it was painted, we cut out all the caulking in the mural and recaulked all 4,874 linear feet with the 78 custom colors, with the help of Sika Corp.

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