Restoring and Renovating Your Commercial Building in Indianapolis: A Checklist for Success

After 85 years, we know a thing or two about how completing commercial renovation and remodeling projects is always easier said than done.

Not all commercial spaces call for the same requirements and considerations, so you need to thoroughly think through each step in the process to ensure that your project goes smoothly and according to plan. Whether you need coating and resinous flooring, a full parking garage restoration, or more than one service, there are steps to follow before, during and after the project process.

Step 1: Create a Plan

List Your Priorities

Every successful commercial remodeling and design project starts with a clear plan and list of goals. You already know why you want to restore your building, so you need to think about what services you need to get it done.

Do you need waterproofing and joint sealant?

Structural concrete repair?

Something else?

There are different services that satisfy the needs of each remodel project. No matter the size of your project, you want to pick a contracting business that can do it all. It is easier to rely on one contractor who can complete all your project needs instead of hiring multiple who specialize in just one facet of commercial renovation and restoration.

Establish a Budget

Before you start your building restoration project, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on your projects and allow for higher expenses in case your plans change over time. A reliable contractor will want to discuss this budget with you at te beginning to ensure it is realistic, put parameters in place to stay within budget and discuss any changes that might alter final costs.

Set a Deadline

To keep your business operating efficiently during potential restoration or renovation, setting a date will give you time to plan accordingly and make choosing a contractor easier. You want to be able to work with someone who can keep up with your schedule and adheres to deadlines you set.

Step 2: Research contractors in Indianapolis

Ask for referrals

Reaching out to other businesses in Indianapolis and beyond is a great way to gather information on contractors in the area that have an established rapport with different industries. Your colleagues, and even your friends, can help steer you in the right direction.

Investigate each contractor and review credentials

Once you have a list of remodeling contractors, you should look at online portfolios. Has the company worked on building restoration projects like yours? Is their expertise noticeable in each finished project? Your business is a reflection of you, so you want to pick a contractor whose previous work aligns with your vision and goals. Read through each project carefully to learn more about every company’s ability to adapt to changes on the fly and overcome unexpected roadblocks.

Construction can be dangerous, so it is also important to ensure you select a contractor with all required licensing and a solid safety record. On-site injuries or licensing problems will bring your project to a halt, and sometimes stall it indefinitely.

Ask questions and get an estimate

It can be intimidating to think about remodeling contractors tearing apart your commercial business and putting it back together. Ask each contractor what you can expect when working with them and request an estimate so you can confidently make your decision.

Hire someone

With a concrete plan in place, a complete list of priorities, completed research, all your questions answered and an estimate that fits your budget, you’ll be ready to hire a contractor. Don’t forget to consider who aligns best with your business mission and goals. When hiring, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Don’t select a commercial contractor solely based on price. Be sure to double-check every detail before making your decision.

Step 3: Trust the Process

Be Patient

Some projects take longer than others, and you can’t rush perfection. Your business deserves to have its renovation or restoration project completed correctly the first time around. Your desired completion date will come sooner than you think!

Build Relationships

Once you choose a commercial restoration and renovation company, you’ll be spending a lot of time and working closely with their team. Getting to know each person on the project team and building bonds with them will make the project process more enjoyable and establish long lasting relationships that can benefit you in the future.


Once your building restoration is complete, take pictures of a job well done, share them on social media and then leave a positive review for your contractor. After that, enjoy your newly refreshed space and furthering your business success!

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