Always striving to better serve our Central Indiana partners, Robert Haines Co., Inc, is excited to now offer spray foam insulation services to businesses, homes and industrial or commercial facilities.

With more than 80 years of experience, Robert Haines has long been a trusted provider of caulking, joint fillers and air or vapor barrier solutions.

Given our history of comprehensive sealing expertise, spray foam insulation services became a natural expansion of our capabilities.

What Benefits Can Robert Haines’ Spray Foam Insulation Bring Your Building?

Lower Heating & Cooling Costs
Spray polyurethane foam insulation throughout the exterior and interior walls, basements and attics or crawlspaces of your facilities can seal the smallest of cracks, seams or gaps. This helps eliminate costly air leaks, lower monthly heating or cooling bills and keep your equipment running both efficiently and cost-effectively. Depending on the size and layout of your space, spray foam insulation could save hundreds, if not thousands, in annual heating and cooling costs.
Increased Comfort
Spray foam insulation eliminates thermal transfer in all three forms — conduction, convection and radiation — with an air-tight seal. Walls, attics and basements are the most common culprits for letting conditioned air escape and allowing outside air into your building, but spray foam insulation keeps the elements where they belong.
Improved Air Quality
While lowered energy consumption reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emission, spray foam insulation seals out allergens, gas pollutants, mold-causing moisture and other contaminants from your facility’s air supply.
Code-Compliant Fire Safety, Noise Reduction & Boosted Property Value
The versatility, added value, safety considerations and comprehensive moisture, sound and air barrier protection provided by spray foam insulation can’t be overstated.

Across new construction, existing structures or remodeling and renovation projects, spray foam insulation from Robert Haines, adds considerable value, long-term performance and clean, safe and effective results.
Reach out to our team the Robert Haines Co., Inc. team today to learn more about out spray foam insulation capabilities.

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