spotlight on marion county criminal justice center

Robert Haines Co. has been a proud to work on the development of the Marion County Criminal Justice Center. After handling the below-grade waterproofing and containment of the new facility, our team has recently won and begun a multi-million dollar contact to caulk the entire space.

Commercial buildings, such as the criminal justice center, can benefit immensely from proper caulking. Damaged caulking can created unwanted airflow, temperature fluctuations or create a hazardous environment. With our services and expertise, the center can enjoy improved energy efficiency, prevent the growth of mold and mildew and reduce maintenance costs as less upkeep and reactionary work is required.

Perhaps more importantly, caulking can also be used in correctional facilities to limit damage and reduce contraband. For example, it may be used to adhere metal bars and seal windows, to protect visitation areas, and to lock down utility boxes. Specifically, in this facility, it’s essential to use a high performing, tamper-resistant sealant and caulking material to reduce the risk of inmates causing bodily harm to themselves or others as the act of ingesting or smoking sealants has grown in popularity to induce illness.

Because the facility’s caulking serves many purposes, we will have to use several types of caulk to safely and effectively fulfills those needs while completing the facility successfully.

Does your building have structural damage and need caulking and sealant work? The trained professionals at Robert Haines Co knows what type of caulk is best for each application – saving you time, money and frustration while ultimately creating a more secure facility.

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