celebrating 85 years of service

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 85 years since Robert Haines Co. was started by Robert Haines in 1937. Innovative and highly skilled, he built a business that has renovated and restored some of the most prominent and well-known buildings in Indianapolis. From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Indianapolis International Airport, Robert Haines Co. has left its impressive, high-quality, and expert touch all across the city and surrounding areas.

Some things change…

Things in Indianapolis, and in the business of building restoration, concrete repair, coating, waterproofing methods and equipment have changed drastically over the years as our team has been transforming buildings all over the Circle City and beyond. As new methods and materials have become available, we’ve been at the forefront of the revolution, adapting and elevating their processes to deliver superior results that last. New methods like spray foam insulation are now a mainstay at Robert Haines, ensuring that when you work with us, you’re getting not only the most experienced family team around, but also the most forward-thinking, advanced methods.

How the job gets done has changed, and the company has worked hard to continue to push the envelope, finding new and better ways to provide customers with top notch service.

…but some things stay the same.

Yet, even as many things have changed over the last eight decades or so, one thing has always stayed the same—our commitment to excellence. Other qualities that make Robert Haines Co. a leader in the business since 1937, regardless of the decade or the jobs, are:

  • High-quality, advanced service
  • Experience and knowledge
  • High safety standards and ratings
  • Premium customer service
  • Reliable employees
  • Innovative, adaptive technology and equipment

These values ring true whether it’s 1937 or 2021 and continue to remain the hallmarks of the Robert Haines Co. business. Then and now, the company continues to be a leader in the restoration and renovation of buildings and parking structures large and small.

Here’s to another 85 years!