For the past 85 years, Robert Haines Co. has worked hard to build and maintain a strong foundation for Indianapolis’ proudest and most-famed architecture. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a building in the Circle City that we haven’t touched.

Located at the corner of Mass Ave and New York, and just one block away from the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the historic Hammond Building sits proudly and welcomes visitors and residents alike into the bustle of downtown Indianapolis. Built in 1874, this structure is one of the oldest businesses storefronts in Indianapolis and serves as a gateway into present day Mass Ave.

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As a trusted restoration and renovation expert, our Robert Haines Co. team was called upon to keep this longstanding commercial building standing strong and looking just as good as it did when it was built almost 150 years ago. We performed cleaning, tuckpointing and caulking services on the Hammond Building from 1980-1981.vices!

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At Robert Haines Co., we are passionate about preserving the city’s oldest buildings, and the Hammond Building is no exception. As one of the earliest buildings constructed in Indianapolis, it’s incredible to see it still standing tall in the heart of Mass Ave. It’s been an honor to maintain the beauty of historic structures throughout Circle City for the past 85 years. As we look towards the next 85, we are ready to continue to provide not only Indianapolis, but the rest of the state, with our high-quality, advanced, and innovative ser